Plot 2,Kacerere, Rubanda District
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Best Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetable production and productivity for Uganda in general and Southwestern, in particular, is low. Low productivity can be attributed to natural and man-made reasons. Natural factors include erratic and inconsistent rain in nature that leads to drought and famine. Man-made factors are traditional farming systems, lack of improved agriculture inputs, and over-cultivation of the land.
These problems have resulted in low productivity and food insecurity in Uganda hence leading to an attack on animals.




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Our Partners

We are a great community that generally aims at making a diversified and continous dev't on our environment through working together as a team.


We have had the best parternship with beve-kids which makes us stronger and better.

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More About Us

Vegan Village Society is currently undertaking a project that focuses on the production of vegetables that generates more income for the people. However, there is a financial shortage. Therefore, the Vegan Village Society needs funds for the accomplishment of the project.